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Sven-Torben Janus
Partner @ | Views are my own. | | #SoftwareArchitecture #SociotechnicalArchitecture #DDDesign

Microservices have been the major architectural trend in recent years. In Gartner’s Hypecycle 2020, Microservices are “sliding into the truth”. Microapps are on the rise and more popular than ever. When it comes to application architecture it seems clear: smaller is better.
Although, since the term Macroservice has been circulating in social media, considering larger units comes in vogue again.

Smaller is better. But wait… is it?

Microservices, nanoservices, serverless, big ball of mud — or is it Macroservices? Well what now, small or large? At least one thing can be said with certainty: size seems to be decisive. …

When working in some kind of technical role in IT, you may have heard about, experienced, identified, introduced, or hopefully reduced technical debt. In contrast, Domain Debt is seldom talked about. In this article, I compare the two and will explain why Domain Debt needs to be taken more seriously.

What is technical debt?

When I ask what technical debt is, answers may vary. Some say it is the postponement or even the non-execution of certain tasks. Who has not heard that documentation was not updated or code was not tested? Others may say it is simply poor programming style, missing coding standards, or…

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